Welcome to World Fitness CR! This is a blog that I created, at the beginning of the year, to talk about various fitness techniques as well as the best sports that are around in the world right now. I’m Charlie Roberts and by day I am a personal trainer living in California but by night I am a sport and fitness blogger, typing away in my little apartment, with the help of my cat (Tommy) of course. Living in California there is a large client base for personal trainers and instructors because there is this desire to look fit and healthy at all times, and I am not going to lie, you do stick out a little if you aren’t at least transferring to a new vegan diet!

I chose to become a personal trainer because I have always played every sport at school and had a perfect GPA when it came to gym class, so naturally, I wanted to continue this on in my job profession. My sport of choice is basketball, but I wasn’t tall enough to make the big leagues, which would have been my first career option but playing it as a hobby is great too. I want people to feel inspired by this blog and really feel like they can achieve anything they want in terms of health and fitness because I know this can be a big challenge for some people who have always struggled with weight and organizing a workout routine. As a personal trainer, I see these stories all the time and I am able to help them to reach the goals that they want, so I also hope that this blog can do that too!

When I am not at work, blogging, or going for a run, I am usually down at the beach with my friends or surfing in Malibu. I love living in California and I have lived here all my life, and I moved from San Francisco to Los Angeles to attend college and I never left!


About World Fitness CR

This blog is broken down into a few different categories including; workouts, gym equipment, sports, and healthy eating. I wanted to talk about an array of different areas relating to fitness so that there is something for everyone to enjoy and learn. As I mentioned before, I have worked with many different people and I believe I have gained a lot of skills that can help people to achieve their goals, whether it is losing/gaining weight, working on toning, bodybuilding, or anything else! It is your body and you have the power to make and see the changes that you want.

I hope that you take a lot from my blog and learn something new too!